Jun 14, 2016Maintenance information

Anodized rim special care


Anodized Rim and Aluminum Alloy Wheel Care

DO NOT USE chemicals with alkaline nor tire shine on anodized rims and
aluminum alloy wheels,as it will cause discoloration,spots and dullness.

イメージ画像Picture of water spotting and discoloration from alkaline solution.

The following could be the cause(s) if your wheels have water spotting,stains

Possible causes are

-When the product is left unwashed with water after it has adhered to a commercially available alkaline wheel cleaner or cleaning agent.
-When alkaline foreign matter adheres due to city driving.
・ When tire wax adheres.
・ When driving on a road covered with antifreeze and not washing with water.
・ When the moisture accumulated on the rim is not completely removed before "natural drying" regardless of the outer or inner part.
-If water droplets are left on the wheel from parts related to the vehicle even after removing water, corrosion or discoloration may occur at any time due to these causes regardless of the period of use.

Corrosion and discoloration caused by the above are not covered by the product warranty.

Anodized Rim Precautions

Due to wheel temperature increase during use,spots,discoloration and dullness will occur
when tire shine and coating cleaner are not properly removed.Wheels are unrepairable if left
in this condition.Thorough rinsing with water when
cleaning is recommended to preserve shine.

Aluminum alloy wheels contain a thin film and coating,and are susceptible to corrosion and
discoloration if not properly maintained.Wheels are unrepairable once discoloration occurs.