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※Updated on Apr 28, 2022


Updated catalog information

Errata list for 2022 catalog.

Some data in the catalog are incorrect.

Date Page Corner / Product Contents
4/28 199 EXTRASELECT COLORism compatible brands
Wrong) MEISTER (* Excluding S1 3P 18inch and S1 2P)
Correct) MEISTER (* Excluding S1 2P)
4/28 206-207 カスタムオーダープラン GNOSIS AE / GSR COLORism Clear Center cap image and notation
Wrong) Center cap
Correct) Center cap (small specification)
3/23 220 カスタムオーダープラン GOOCARS HEMI Standard rim color
Wrong) * Alumite rim is standard.
Correct) * Buff finish rim is standard.

Correspondence table rim arrangement
Wrong) Buff alumite
Correct) Buff finish
3/23 185 GOOCARS HEMI Spec table
Wrong) * Alumite rim is standard.
Correct) *The rim specifications at the time of hand buff finish are buff finish specifications, but at the time of semi-order color
It will be buff alumite specifications.
3/23 176 CRAG CKV Product information QR code
Another product was displayed.
3/3 183 LEADSLED Air valve part number
Wrong): No.180011
Correct): No.180010
3/3 66 GNOSIS CVS Full reverse Odisk 21 × 9.5J Order inset 1
Wrong): 60 (3)
Correct): 60 (38)
3/3 230 ワークオリジナルアイテム WORK picnic basket
Basket: Assembled / Folded size
Wrong): W463 x H214 x D29mm
Correct): W463 x H214 x D290mm