2023 JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 7 Super Trial in Imajo Won season champion in 2 classes! Win 3 classes!

イメージ画像2023 All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 7 Super Trial in Imajo was held on September 3rd.

All Japan Dirt Trial Championship will be the last run of Auto Park Imajō on this day.
The seventh game was blessed with clear skies.

A total of 147 dirt specialists who wanted to celebrate the finale at Auto Park Imajyo gathered together, showing just how much this circuit has been loved by many dirt drivers.

In the 7th round, the WORK WHEELS-equipped player won the championship in 3 classes!

Noir Shigeo finally won the PNE1 class and was crowned series champion here at Auto Park Imajo.
Moreover, this class will be 1, 2, 3 finish for WORK wearing players.

Yuki Nara wins the PN1 class! In the SC1 class, Junto Yamazaki won the championship and won the season champion without waiting for the final race!

Below are the results for players wearing WORK WHEELS.

PNE1 class 
Winner Shigeo Noir ADS☆VTX☆DL☆Swift
2nd place Kasai Katherine Nobuhiko YHGC ATS Swift RSK
3rd place Fumie Kasai YH☆ATS Swift @RSK
4th place Naoto Fujita Brid SWK☆Rise Swift

PN1 class 
Winner Yuki Nara DL Cusco WM Repsol Swift
14th place Hideki Kawashima DL☆TEIN☆BRIG☆Yaris

PN2 class 
2nd place Yoshihiro Tsuruoka S・DL・Cusco・WM Swift
4th place Takumi Masuda Okuyama YH☆FA Swift μ
7th place Junya Ishikawa M2Factory Swift No. 2
8th place Ryūyasu Katada M2 Swift Sports No. 3

PN3 class 
3rd place Hideaki Sato DL・KIT・BRZ-AT
5th place Makoto Urakami DL Okuyama M Sports 86
6th Takaaki Sakurai Brid DL/ATS/GR86
8th place Passion Sakiyama DL☆LOVCA☆RR86
10th place Michihiro Ueno DL Okuyama T Galle GR Nara 86
11th place Shin Terada T Garage DL Fukunishi GR86
12th place Takayuki Koseki RJ2023DLKITBRZ
14th place Tsuyoshi Fukuda Rabuka TOF TEIN GR Fukuroi 86
16th place Takashi Fukunishi Brid Sokushin ATS Tein D86
19th place Yoshihiro Sakai Maple FORT DL BRZ

N class 
6th place Hiroyuki Yamoto Kappa ZEAL Yakko YH Lancer
8th place Akihisa Kadomina Aion DL Lancer
9th place Fumio Kawata DL ZEAL Yaris GR4

SA2 class 
13th place Takashi Fujimoto YH Work S + APY Lancer
22nd place Takayuki Hamada DL Cusco itzz Hamaji Lancer

SC1 class 
Winner Jinto Yamazaki YH Max Genshin Mirage

SC2 class 
2nd place Kazuya Sakata DL Global Lancer
6th place Yoshinori Kumakawa Zapper DL Wako's Lancer

D class
12th place Hiroyuki Ogawa Ogawa Jidosha Gulf YH Lancer

*All racers are equipped with WORK M.C.O RACING type GV wheels.

The next round, Round 8 of the All Japan Der Trial Championship, is scheduled to be held at Takata.
We look forward to your enthusiastic support.
Thank you very much.

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