jun 30, 2020 tue

Notes on counterfeit products of our products

Thank you very much for using work products.

It has been confirmed that "counterfeit goods" are being sold at Internet EC sites etc. in Japan.

Although these "imitation products" illegally use our logos and trademarks etc., their sizes and materials are completely different, they are not designed and produced by us, and the quality is also greatly different. In addition, there is no wheel that can attach these "imitation goods" with our product.

We intend to take appropriate measures, including legal measures, for the manufacture and sale of "counterfeit goods". Customers are advised to be careful when purchasing. Please note that we can not accept any responsibility for these "imitation products" including accidents.

In addition, regarding acts that infringe on our trademark rights and intellectual property rights, we will take a firm stance to protect the comfortable and safe driving environment of our customers.

We look forward to your continued patronage of our products.

counterfeit goods

counterfeit goods

counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods